7 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

August 20, 2021
7 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring: Image of an electrician installing a light.

Does Your Home Need Rewiring?


If you live in an old house, have recently moved house, or have purchased a renovation project, your electrical installation may need some attention. For anyone who’s not an electrician, it can be pretty tricky to tell whether your property needs rewiring.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide of some of the signs you can clearly see when there are wiring issues in your home.

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Wiring Issues – The Signs to Look Out For!

Unsure of whether your home needs rewiring? Here are the signs to look out for:

Persistent Burning Smell

If you can smell burning, but can’t identify where it’s coming from, it’s possible that you have an electrical fault. We recommend turning off the power at the circuit for safety reasons, then contacting an emergency electrician (like JAH!) to come out and inspect the issue. If you’ve managed to isolate the odour to a specific room, close the doors and windows so that if a fire breaks out, you can slow the spread.

Lights That Regularly Flicker

Most of the time, issues with lights unexpectedly dimming or flickering can be resolved by replacing the bulb. However, if these issues persist or are present in more than one room, it could indicate an issue with your electrical installation. When the light dims, it means it’s not receiving enough voltage. Conversely, when a light brightens, it’s getting overloaded. These signs indicate a possible issue with loose wiring or a faulty circuit.

Discoloured Sockets and Switches

Have you noticed any discoloured, textured or damaged areas on the faceplate of your plug sockets or light switches? If you have, then you may have a loose connection or some faulty wiring. Discolouration can be caused by wiring issues within the outlet, which can spark little fires and cause browning and melting on the faceplate. It’s essential not to ignore these warning signs, so contact an electrician as soon as you spot them.

Hanging Sockets

If your sockets and switches are loose or hanging out of the wall – even by the smallest amount – the wiring can become exposed, which is extremely dangerous. This can be a sign of wiring issues, so it’s important to get them inspected, rather than simply screwing the sockets back on.

Old Property

If you live in an older property (i.e. one that pre-dates the 1980’s) there’s a good chance your property may be in need of rewiring. If you aren’t sure whether a previous owner had a full rewire or partial rewire carried out, then we recommend booking an EICR (electrical installation condition report). This means a fully qualified electrician will inspect your wiring and circuits to assess their condition and check to see if there are any issues present.

Fuses Blowing Regularly

If you’ve experienced circuits tripping or fuses blowing and you’re not sure what’s causing it, then get an electrician in to investigate. Sometimes, this can be caused by a faulty appliance. However, if you can’t find the root cause, it could be an issue with your wiring.

Electric Shocks 

If you’ve heard a buzzing ‘electrical’ noise from your sockets and switches or have received an electric shock (no matter how minor), you should have your electrical installation inspected as a matter of urgency. Whilst many people think it’s likely to be the appliance rather than the outlet, this is rarely the case. We recommend getting an emergency electrician out to assess the issue as quickly as possible.

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