Common Bathroom Problems and How to Solve Them

June 24, 2020
Image of a white freestanding bathtub, in a room with grey wooden panelling and white walls. The image is obscured on the right hand side by an oak coloured door with a black handle.

How to Solve 6 of the Most Common Bathroom Problems

When you think about modifying your bathroom, you probably think you need a plumber, right? Think again, many small improvements can be performed by an electrician. Whether your bathroom’s too cold, too dark, lacking in ventilation or in need of some gadgets, the team at JAH can help you to resolve some of the most common bathroom problems in a flash!

Lack of Ventilation

Bathrooms are by nature warm, moist and humid rooms and even if you have your bathroom window open whilst you shower or bathe, there’s still a lot of moisture left in the air. If your bathroom has no window or spots of mould and mildew, then it’s a clear sign you need more ventilation in the room.

Extractor fans are an easy way in which to do this, as they’re designed to remove moisture from the air, by sucking up the moist air and expelling outside of the home. If this moisture gets trapped in the room, it can lead to long-term damage, such as mould, warped walls, and a musty odour you can’t shift. Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord (extractor fans are a legal requirement in rental properties), if your bathroom doesn’t have an extractor fan, then the JAH team can install one for you quickly, easily and professionally!

Poor Lighting

If your bathroom has dark recesses and you find that it’s often too dim in there to easily pop in your contact lenses or do your makeup, then it sounds like new lighting fixtures could remedy your issues!

When it comes to replacing or installing new bathroom lighting, not only do you need to decide on a style and the placement of the lighting, but you also need to make sure it’s suitable for use in the area you’ve got in mind. Bathroom lighting is categorised by ‘zone’, in accordance with the levels of water that will be present in the area.

  • Zone 0 – For lights that will be fully submerged in water (IP67 required)
  • Zone 1 – Lights placed directly over a bath or shower (IP67 recommended)
  • Zone 2 – For lights above sinks and around the Zone 1 perimeter (IP44 required)
  • Zone 3 – For lights placed outside of the above zones (IP20 minimum)

Using a combination of wall lights, ceiling lights and even floor lights (such as spotlights recessed into the floor or LEDs installed on skirting boards), we can transform your bathroom from gloomy and dark, to bright and light!

Temperamental Shower Switch

There are few things in life more frustrating than when an appliance doesn’t work properly, particularly when it’s something as crucial as your shower switch. If your shower switch is behaving temperamentally, making your circuits trip or is making a buzzing noise, it’s time to get it checked out! We can repair, replace and fit shower switches with minimal disruption to your home so that your shower is safe and back in full working order as quickly as possible.

Image of a white tiled bathroom with a dark grey marbled worktop, a white bowl sink, a round mirror and two large green house plants.

Cold Bathroom

Bathrooms can often be hard to heat, particularly if you don’t have a radiator or underfloor heating installed. It can be costly and inconvenient to move your existing pipework to accommodate a radiator, which is why heated towel rails have become a popular choice amongst homeowners.

Highly affordable, stylish and useful, electric towel rails are a great way to heat your bathroom and dry your towels at the same time! Operating from mains power, electric towel radiators are cost-effective to run, fast to heat up and space-saving, as they’re wall-mounted to preserve precious floor space. The JAH team have installed countless electric towel rails over the years, so you can guarantee a professional result when you book with us!

Lack of Sockets

A lack of sockets can be frustrating in any room, though it’s quite common not to have any sockets in your bathroom in the UK. However, did you know, you can have electrical sockets in your bathroom as long as they’re more than 3m away from the edge of the bath or shower? This is a great option for larger bathrooms, allowing you to use a hairdryer in the room or to plug in a television for a very luxurious experience! For those of us with smaller bathrooms, a specially designed 2-pin shaver socket is perfect for charging electric toothbrushes, shavers and hair clippers and can be fitted easily by our team of electricians.

Foggy Mirrors

If you’re tired of having a smeary, foggy mirror after a bath or shower, then you may benefit from having a fog-free mirror installed. A mains powered, anti-fog mirror ensures that no matter how steamy your bathroom gets, you’ll always be able to use the mirror! These cool gadgets work by heating a section of the mirror to make the surface of the mirror a bit warmer than the room temperature. This increased warmth prevents a build-up of steam and condensation from forming, leaving a clear reflective surface. Plus, as some designs also feature bright LED lights that can be turned on with a wave of your hand, you can bring additional light into the room.

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