Why Choose EV Charger Installation For Your Home/Business?

July 6, 2022

The Move to Electric Vehicles

By 2030, the Government in the UK have made a declaration that the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned, as part of their ‘10-part plan’ to protect the planet and limit the damage caused by emissions. At least one major vehicle company has already made the bold move to ditch petrol/diesel models, have the courage of their convictions, and currently only manufacture either electric or hybrid vehicles.

By 2040, it is expected that there will be up to 36 million electric vehicles on the road.

One of the current stumbling blocks contributing to stunting the growth of the numbers of electric vehicles currently being purchased, is not only the high cost involved of buying the vehicles at this early stage, but the fact that the charging infrastructure (availability of EV charger points) is not yet sufficient enough to inspire people in the UK to ditch the standard fuel-powered models. JAH Electrical Services are experienced at EV Charger Installation, and have installed many charge points for homes and businesses around Plymouth and the South West.

EV Chargers – How do they work?

EV Charger - Charging Port on EV - JAH Electrical Services Ltd

Just like any chargeable device, whether you have a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle, it is essential to keep the battery charged at all times, to ensure you get the maximum performance – avoiding loss of power.  It would be disastrous if you lost power halfway up the motorway, and were miles from the nearest service station/EV charging point.

An electric current is required to charge your battery.  EV chargers will either be hard-wired to a grid, or power will be sent through using a 240V outlet.  To ensure that you can charge your car at the majority of charge points, an adaptor is available.  As standard, a J1772 plug is used, but you should always check with your manufacturer when purchasing your vehicle.  Specialist cars such as Tesla’s require a specific type of charge point.

Domestic EV Charging – For Your Home

EV Charger - Car Charging Port -JAH Electrical Services Ltd

Having an EV Charger point installed at your home, is a convenient and cost-effective way of being able to charge your vehicle, as and when it is convenient for you.  It could also do wonders for the value of your property, should you ever wish to sell up.

Planning permission is not required for the installation of wall-mounted, electric vehicle charging points in areas lawfully used for off street parking – provided certain conditions are met. (Infrastructure Intelligence: Lee Gordon – Weightmans LLP, 20/08/19)

Similar to installing electric boilers or electric storage heaters in your home, using electricity to power your family car/vehicle can drastically reduce your carbon footprint – working towards a better future for your children/grandchildren.

Commercial EV Charging – For Your Business

EV Charger - Charging Bays - JAH Electrical Services Ltd

Installing EV Chargers on your business premises, could be a lucrative move, and be more beneficial than you think.  Benefits differ, depending on the type of business and whether you wish to make the chargers available to the public, or keep them accessible for business use only.  For example:

  • Company vehicles could be charged on site, ready for a long day ahead.
  • Staff could charge their vehicles, whilst they work.
  • Charging for the service could result in profit generation.
  • Smartphone applications could let people know that you have charge-points available – therefore increasing awareness of your brand.
  • You would be evidencing that you are working towards being a ‘green’ business.
  • Potential customers would have waiting time, whilst vehicles are charging – this encourages people to spend time browsing your products, with a view to making a purchase – or eating/drinking at your restaurant!

Always Use a Qualified, Trusted Electrician/Electrical Contractor to Install EV Charging Points

EV Charger - JAH Logo - JAH Electrical Services Ltd

It is imperative that you choose a qualified, trusted Domestic Electrician/Commercial Electrical Contractor to carry out EV Charging point installation.  Once you decide to install an EV Charger at your home/business, you should start looking for a reputable company.

JAH Electrical Services are NICEIC Approved, and have carried out many EV Charger installations.  We have the knowledge and experience to complete the job to a high standard, with safety in mind every time.

Prior to carrying out the work, your home’s power supply will need to be assessed to ensure that it is compliant with current legislation and safety standards.  For a business, the power supply will need to be checked, to establish whether it conforms to industry standards.  If any work is required, JAH will provide a free, no-obligation quote, whether it be for a faulty switch, a partial rewire, or an upgraded consumer unit.

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