Exciting Plans in Store

February 26, 2018
About Us Jamie Hitchock MD & Owner of JAH Electrical Services Ltd Plymouth Devon
First there was just Jamie as a sole electrician… then wife Angie came on board to handle all the admin and gradually, the team at JAH Electrical Services Ltd grew, organically.

“You can’t just suddenly take on over a dozen people to grow your business; it has to be the other way round, and more importantly, if you want it to continue offering the same standard of service, then you need to choose your team carefully” explained Jamie

“At JAH, I have known my team for years, have absolute trust and confidence in them and know they will look after our customers, large or small, in exactly the same way as if it were me on site.”

And on site can be so many places: from residential properties, to major factory units, distribution warehouses or high-street shops, educational establishments or hospitals and healthcare premises, and anywhere else where first-class electrical services are required.

“Whether we are rewiring your house or installing electrics at a major industrial or commercial location, the level of care and standard of service our customers can expect is exactly the same.

“We are still very much a friendly, local company who will never forget how and where it all started.”

And the same principle applies whether the team are working on planned jobs or responding reactively to cries for help.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, it is the JAH team who are called in by national organisations to sort out problems; when electrics fail at a major store or stop a production line running, the solution needs to be prompt and reliable. The reputation that JAH have established in this area is second to none and explains why they are the electrical contractors of choice across the whole of the South West.

“We offer rapid response cover, 365 days a year, from Weymouth to Land’s End, on a two-hour call out basis; just what is needed when your business is in trouble or you are providing an essential lifesaving service!”

If it is good enough for them, then you can rest assured, the JAH team are good enough for you and just as happy ensuring that when you switch on the lights or appliances in your home, everything is safe and sound.

So, where do they go from here?

Jamie has plenty of exciting plans in store for the business, starting with a rebranding. “We will have a new look for the new year, reflecting what we are now – a serious force within the electrical contracting industry, but we will always be there for the local customers who have helped make us the success we are. While no job is too big for us, nothing is too small either and every enquiry will receive the same personal attention from my team and I.

“Look out for the newly branded company vehicles to admire the new image.”

Jamie is passionate about offering apprentices opportunities to acquire a skilled trade, also ensuring there will always be well trained, qualified electricians ready to expand the skilled workforce; apprentices who understand the way JAH do things and are equally committed to delivering the same quality of care.

“I am looking at the long term for this company and apprenticeships are not only good for us and our future, but good for the trainees and their futures too.”

Their main operating premises have grown over time and now JAH have the facilities and in-house skills to take on larger installations, so whatever your requirements, large or small, JAH Electrical Services Ltd is the only name you need to know.

This article was featured in the Plympton, Plymstock & Ivybridge News in January 2018.
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