Interior Lighting – 2020’s Biggest Trends

May 5, 2020
Image of several cream coloured lantern light fixtures in a room with a mustard yellow ceiling.

The Importance of Interior Lighting

Now we’re all spending plenty of time at home, you’ve probably looked around your home and thought about things you’d like to change and update. From paint colours and window dressings to flooring choices and even mentally planning out extensions, most of the country have likely made a list to tackle when the lockdown is over! One thing that many overlook, however, is the impact interior lighting can have on your rooms. Whether you simply swap out your old fixtures for something new and stylish or add in additional light sources, you really can transform your space easily just by changing up your interior lighting choices. If you read our last blog about how to plan your garden lighting, we’ve now written a blog all about the biggest interior lighting trends of 2020 to help give you further home style inspiration. It’s still early in the year, but we’ve put together a list of the predicted trends of the year to help give you ideas for your next interior revamp!

2020’s Top Interior Lighting Trends

  Soft Metallic Finishes Image of a metallic gold and white sputnik style light fitting. Soft metallic finishes are proving to be a very popular choice for all types of furnishings and décor. With silver, gold and rose gold finishes, it’s easy to find a hue that suits your existing theme, or to complement a new one your planning. Having a soft finish can bring warmth to the fixture as opposed to a shiny appearance, it’s a great way to attract attention without being too overbearing. Having the subtle metallic exterior can add allure to the room and will work well with ceiling lighting and floor lamps. Industrial Styles Image of a pale pink enamelled industrial style lightshade in a white room, positioned over a dining table. Refined industrial styles can work really well in kitchen spaces to match the other metal appliances in the room and the structured lines. You can get varied tones of metal to give a more rustic, modern or sleek finish. The neutral colours of metal work well with a number of colour palettes that your kitchen may have. The industrial style is also very versatile. It can be designed to have single bulbs or hold many bulbs, in different structures. Geometric Image of a black geometric light fitting, hanging from a black cable in a white room. Geometric designs are a very popular style of interior lighting fixture. They can add structure to a room and also double up as a decorative art feature. The open form of the geo lights gives a fresh and open appearance which can help rooms not seem to blocky. Geometric lights can come in varied shapes, with the metal structures being shaped in triangles, diamonds, rectangles, squares, hexagons, the list goes on…. Big Fixtures Image of a white, silver and glass chandelier in a white room. For those who want to make a statement, bigger is better. Having big lighting fixtures that make a statement and give the ‘wow’ factor can be the centrepiece you need in a room. The large-scale lights can be utilised as ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps and floor lights. With big interior lighting fixtures, you need to be careful not to drown the room if they take up too much space and block light. Pair with smaller features and ornaments to give balance to the room. Edison Bulbs A selective focus image of two Edison bulbs in a blue lit room. For the ultimate vintage style, Edison bulbs are the perfect way to give a touch of retro to your interior. The warm yellow colour of the light can make a space feel cosy and homely and the present themselves well in any room. The Edison bulbs can also work really well outdoors, offering light to a space in your garden and give a comfortable atmosphere. The LED version of the bulbs can help you save energy and also last a long time.

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