Security Lighting in the Home

August 7, 2020
Security Lighting: Image of a Mediterranean villa with three security lights mounted to the wall.

Security Lighting in the Home

Having security lighting installed to the exterior of your homes could help you out in more ways than one. Not only can they act as a great deterrent for burglars, but they also illuminate the front of your house and back garden for design purposes, help light up pathways or front porches and look stylish to boot!

With so many different elements to consider, we’ve put together a guide to security lighting to help explain the different types of lighting available and the factors you should consider before installing any security lights.

Benefits of Security Lighting

Security Lighting - Image of a white house with a yellow door and two sconce security lights either side.

Security lighting plays a big role in helping to prevent criminal activity being committed on your property. If your home has any CCTV cameras installed, the extra lighting will light up the area and enable the cameras to pick up any activity better. If the security lighting you install has a motion detection feature, then it will turn on when any movement is being made within the sensors range. By a light turning on, the burglars or trespassers on your premises may panic and stop what they are doing before they get caught. If you’re inside your house and you notice the light turning on through your window, you may get up and have a look through them too. By being made aware of movement outside, you could catch any unwanted activity yourself. Security lights are a great way of having that extra peace of mind.

Aside from extra security, these kind of lights are helpful in many other ways too. They can offer some stylish design features to enhance the exterior of your home, which can draw attention to the architecture or other features you want to elevate. They’re also very handy for lighting up areas that need some extra illumination when it’s dark outside. Having the lights positioned correctly outside your home will help with lighting up the path/driveway leading up to the house, and will make it easier when trying to unlock your door so you don’t have to wave your key around hoping to find the keyhole!

Styles of Security Lighting

You can get security lights in many different styles and ways of functioning to suit your style and needs. Some of the most popular styles are floodlight, bulkhead and sconces.

Floodlights are very bright and are more commonly seen in industrial sites to light up the outside of warehouses or yards. They can be used for domestic purposes on a smaller scale to make your garden or driveway fully illuminated.

Bulkhead lights are fixed to your exterior walls and have an industrial feel to them with the metal cage around the light. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but you can most commonly find them in an oval or circle shape.

Sconces are a lighting device that is attached to a wall to light up the area. This style of light comes in modern and contemporary styles as well as more traditional styles. They can even come in minimalistic designs which are simple but effective, with an elegant style that does the job.

Things to Consider

Security Lighting: Image of a modern, minimalist security light mounted on a brick wall.

Before you have your security lights installed you have to consider a few things first.

Wall location – Think about where you need the light on your exterior walls. If you’re short on wall space, then get a compact security light that provides uplighting and downlighting to illuminate a larger area without compromising on space. Whilst it can be tempting to go for a big light fixture, it’s worth remembering that a bigger light doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more light, as smaller sized lights can emit a good amount of light too.

What you want to be protected/lit up – If you want your driveway to be illuminated then make sure that the light will hit the appropriate places. Ensure that the illumination range isn’t too short, as if you’re aiming to light up a large or long area, it’s best to check that the light reaches into the required areas. Also, if you think that you may need multiple lights to achieve the brightness that you want, consider the placement of the lights carefully, as you may just need bulbs with a higher lumen rating rather than several lighting units.

Neighbours – You have to consider the possible disruption to your neighbours if you install security lights. If the light is too bright or comes on too often and interrupts their sleep, then not only will your neighbours be unhappy, they could also serve you an abatement notice from your local council. This could require you to take the light down or amend the amount of light being emitted.

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