Solar Panel Installation at Business Park in Plymouth, Devon

March 7, 2023
Solar Panel Installation-Solar Panel Roof-JAH Electrical Services Ltd

The Move to Renewable Energy

If you’ve ever considered solar panel installation on your home or business, we highly recommend taking the plunge. In today’s climate, with ever-increasing bills, the advantages of installing solar panels are virtually limitless, which is why we decided to install them ourselves at JAH Electrical Services.

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels is an increasingly popular way to create a renewable energy source for your property or business premises. Despite the common misconception that they are expensive and inefficient, solar energy has been proven to be hugely beneficial, not only in reducing household/business costs, but for the environment. Maintenance costs remain low, and the sun’s energy is an inexhaustible resource, unlike other forms of fuel such as oil, coal, and fossil fuels. As long as the sun shines, we will have access to solar energy. Whilst sunny days will produce more solar energy, solar panels will still draw energy, even on cloudy days.

You will be less dependent on energy companies when generating your own electricity, and you can expect to see your electric bills decrease in the initial months after your solar power installation. Energy is generated quietly, so your neighbours won’t have any noise-related grievances. Another benefit of solar panels is battery storage. Installing a battery could cut down your electric bills even further. Solar panels generate energy during the day, allowing you to use solar electricity instead of purchasing it from your energy supplier. Unfortunately, these panels are not effective at night, when energy consumption is typically at its highest. Without a battery, you will need to switch back to using energy from the national grid, which will incur additional costs. However, if you have a battery installed, you can use any stored energy during the night, reducing your reliance on the grid for electricity.

The Process of Solar Panel Installation at JAH Electrical’s Business Premises

Our solar panel installation process couldn’t be simpler. First, the area of the roof was surveyed to ascertain how large the space was and what the roof was made of. This was important to establish how many solar panels would be required and also to work out what brackets would be needed to attach the panels. Scaffolding was then sourced and erected. For the panels to be installed safely, this was essential, and is also a legal requirement when working at such a great height. The brackets come with washers to ensure weatherproofness, so that no water can ever get through them. The surveryor checked the windspeed of where we are situated in order to get an idea on how to fix the panels in place. Our panels had to be fixed in place as opposed to being weighted down due to where we are and the environment. We had a roofer on board in order to help with the installation of the panels, but on this occasion we also hired a machine for the panels to go into, in order to transport them to the top of the building. Normally you would need to implement a pully system, but this was the simpler option.

On a residential property, you would need to physically pull the panels up to the top of the building. On our building, 21 panels were installed with two inverters fitted in the cupboard downstairs and the wiring to the panels was positioned on the outside. We downloaded the solar panel monitoring app that tells us about the system’s performance and various other types of information, such as how many trees we’ve planted. Our EV charging point is also linked up to the solar panels, so we’re effectively charging the car for free at certain times so It’s a win win situation. For anyone that has an electric vehicle, the benefits are massive.

Solar Panel Installation Criteria

If you are thinking about installing solar panels, it is advised to consider which way the building faces. Ideally, it is best if the premises are South to South Westerly facing. There’s no point in installing them if they are going to be in darkness througout daylight hours. Every installation is different and every job will be costed on an individual basis, no two jobs will be the same. The actual installation time takes a couple of days, dependent on the nature of the job and the initial plan is to install any future solar panel installations over a two week window. Over a 12 month period you’re bound to notice some significance in the electric that you are saving. The investment that you initially put in would pay for itself within a couple of years.

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